[sumo] Hanamichi Report

Jeffrey Anderson jeffand at regent.edu
Mon Jan 25 11:35:13 EST 2016

Ross Mihara: Here's Riyo Ohta with a hanamichi report. This one's with Gaijingai.

Riyo Ohta: Gaijingai, omedeto on your success.

Gaijingai: Thank you very much.

Riyo: You got jun-yusho in the ISP game.

Gaijingai: Yes.

Riyo: You also got jun-yusho in The Underdog Game.

Gaijingai: Yes.

Riyo: To what do you owe your success?

Gaijingai: I did my best.

Riyo: Er - anything else?

Gaijingai: Well Riyo, people back at the heya told me that I am lazy, so I upped my workout rate.

Riyo: And what sort of workout do you do?

Gaijingai: Oh, jumping to conclusions, climbing the walls, passing the buck, throwing my weight around, dragging my heels, pushing my luck -

Riyo: Back to you, Ross! Quick!

Best regards,
Jeffrey Anderson
Gaijingai - Foreign Ruler of the Dohyo

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