[sumo] Old Sumo World magazines

werner Geuens werner at geuens.org
Sat Feb 22 10:22:26 EST 2014

It would be worth while to scan those and organise them in PDF files, if 
only for archiving.
Can't do the first from Belgium, but a while back I wrote a tool to 
transform directories of images into PDF's.
Anyone in Japan in for a collaborative effort?  :-)

On 21/02/14 10:06, Doreen Simmons wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I have a fair number of old Sumo World magazines (Andy Adams period, before
> Clyde Newton took over),  Over the years I have continued to use them for
> checking dates, sumo news etc.,
> Now, however, an office reorganization is reducing the space available. Pls
> let me know if you would like to take any or all; the only snag is you have
> to come and collect them from my office in Uchisaiwaicho, next door to the
> Fukoku Seimei Building and opposite the Hibiya Library.
> Doreen Simmons
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