[sumo] Akebono's Kid

Viki Cody vikicody at me.com
Wed Feb 5 22:08:13 EST 2014

Michael, what a wonderful experience you had to be close to Don! 

As for me he is also the reason I love sumo! My very first friends when I moved to Japan in 1988  were Don and Maiko-san! 

So it was mandatory to gather together with all the other sumo fans and watch TV every basho at the bar on base! 

I've been so lucky to be able to watch Akebono's kids grow up as well! 

Caitlyn is good at basketball but even better at Hula dancing. Studying under the best for years! She's gorgeous doing Hula! 

PS on a side note my sumo addiction helped me out this basho apparently! I was in the hotel in Ryogoku the entire tournament through Monday morning. I found out this morning  when the police came to my house to investigate that all the cars on my street were vandalized Sunday night or early Monday morning! 
So shocked! What's happening in Japan?? :( 


On 2014/02/06, at 9:56, Michael Randall <lions44 at cox.net> wrote:

> Jeffrey:  Thanks for the Stars & Stripes article on Akebono and family.  I'm
> fairly sure that Akebono's father-in-law (Don Kalina) was a
> teacher/administrator who lived at Johnson Family Housing Annex at Iruma Air
> Base until it closed in 1972, and then moved to Yokota.  We had a died in
> the wool clique of Sumo fans back in those days, never missing a day of
> every tournament (for me that covered 1970-1975.)  Am so pleased to have
> joined this Sumo Group.....New Gai Michael  P.S.  It was such a treat to
> attend day 13 of the recent tournament, my first "live" match in almost 40 years

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