[sumo] Akebono's Kid

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Wed Feb 5 21:33:52 EST 2014

Thanks for this, Jeff, It's really nice to see how the family is doing. I interviewed him when he was only a sekiwake (IIRC). 
they'd just got back from the London Koen, and a Japanese educational magazine asked me to 
do an interview which would be bilingual in print. As he was obviously headed for the top, I was bending over backwards 
to avoid asking the sort of questions that might provoke a reply that wouldn't go down well with 
the kind of Japanese person who didn't want to contemplate a foreign yokozuna (and there were 
plenty of them around at that time). I guess it would have been a much more 'interesting' article 
if I had provoked him, but I liked what I saw and was rooting for him.

Doreen Simmons down memory lane

>Best regards,
>Jeffrey Anderson

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