[sumo] Akebono's Kid

Michael Randall lions44 at cox.net
Wed Feb 5 19:56:37 EST 2014

Jeffrey:  Thanks for the Stars & Stripes article on Akebono and family.  I'm
fairly sure that Akebono's father-in-law (Don Kalina) was a
teacher/administrator who lived at Johnson Family Housing Annex at Iruma Air
Base until it closed in 1972, and then moved to Yokota.  We had a died in
the wool clique of Sumo fans back in those days, never missing a day of
every tournament (for me that covered 1970-1975.)  Am so pleased to have
joined this Sumo Group.....New Gai Michael  P.S.  It was such a treat to
attend day 13 of the recent tournament, my first "live" match in almost 40

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> http://www.stripes.com/sports/another-rowan-becoming-center-of-attention-1.265
> 732
> Best regards,
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