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Sun Feb 2 07:13:41 EST 2014

Just got back from the Kokugikan where the 10th Dewanoumi (Sekiwake Washuyama) was celebrating his retirement (though his 65th birthday is still 2 months off).
It was hekd in the Ohiroba, the big hall right under the front of the Kokugikan that most people see. 

I'd been thinking that this was his 65th birthday, but that won't happen till April 2nd; 
Today was, in fact, the 29th anniversary of his dampatushiki and as he remarked, it was in the then brand-new Kokugikan.  

The big hall was, predictably, full, mostly of men in dark suits and women in kimonos, But when you took a closer look, 
a lot of the men were former rikishi, some famous, some not; plus present rikishiki turning out to honour 
a senior. 

Just before going, I took down and dusted the mall autographed picture that has graced my living room for many years: 
a nice twosome on the sunny steps of Dewanoumi-beya, of a still active and famous  Washuyama with 
a relatively young Doreen.  It was one of my earliest appearances as a guide to foreign journalists.
IIRC, I was guiding an Australian journalist and got him to take the photo. I also got it into a frame that was signed -- and this evening it went down incredibly well, 
including with Dewanoumi himself. Needless to say it also worked magic with pretty everybody else 
since everybody below that age could identify with me, while everybody above that age remembetred me starting to come around.

It was really nice to meet up with some former rikishi I hadn't seen in years, not to mention oyakata, especially from Kasugano  and related stables. 
My framed photo went down with all of them -- with the comment -- "Your were both young in those days, weren't you?"

To which the only reply is "You just have to keep going! - if you give up it's curtains!" 

There's more to say, but I should hit the sack. Sorry about the  endings but blame the server.

Doreen living the lnk

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