[sumo] Ryogoku station renovation ceremony Sunday April 14, 2013

Doreen Simmons simmons at fpcjpn.or.jp
Mon Apr 15 04:00:10 EDT 2013

Thanks for the report, Patricia. The newsstand was the first thing to go,
at least two months ago -- just before work started on the ground-floor
accessible toilet that just opened. I too am sorry that the dohyo markings
on the floor have gone. That used to be one of my favorite things to show
visitors. I haven't had chance to check out the rows of tegata yet -- I
assumed that's what those long metal sheets under the two yusho-gaku
contain. (I was away on a choir retreat in the mountains of Nagano so I'm
still more or less floating through the station...)

The platform itself could certainly do with repaving, and at the place
I wait for the train there wasn't anything in the way of new notices. The
old seats were there as usual, but I didn't check further down.

What I still don't get is: who was putting on the opening? Just JR
improving one of its stations, or in cooperation with the Edo Tokyo Museum
just behind the station, maybe plus the Sumo Association?

Doreen Simmons

On 15 April 2013 05:32, Patricia Yarrow <yarrowp at gmail.com> wrote:

> The 10:30 a.m. opening ceremony was mainly a succession of older men in
> suits sporting a giant red lapel corsage and going on and on happily into a
> microphone while a crowd stood around in the sun and wind. Held on the
> newly repaved and spiffy open area between the station and the Kokugikan.
> Goodby to the old fenced in grungy parking lot. Two huge yukata-wearing
> rikishi pals were hanging out and attracting a lot of photographers from
> the crowd, including me.
> Posted to my Facebook page:   http://www.facebook.com/patricia.yarrow
> Changes in the station: two huge reprints of the popular Hokusai prints of
> Ryogoku bridge. Someone has taken same idea from the nearby Edo-Tokyo
> Museum and laid an ancient map of the area on the floor. Lot of people
> standing around staring at their feet, trying to find locations. Predict a
> lot of congestion here. Inside the ticket wickets, the beautifully subtle
> dohyo ring markings in the floor are gone. That is too bad. Why did they do
> that? Not replaced with anything interesting.  Also missing: the tiny
> newsstand with snacks and goodies. The New Days convini by the station will
> surely thrive anew.
> A huge wheelchair accessible bathroom. Door faces everyone coming into the
> station, so make sure everything is tucked back in when you open that door!
> Further along, the two regular restrooms are new and modern. No more
> stinking benjo style.
> So, some good things, some regrets, on the station renewal. Walls along the
> escalators are still dirty though. Wish those were cleaned up. Some new
> signage on the train platform. No more seats. Generally, everyting is OK
> and Ryogoku eki hasn't lost its character.
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> Patricia Yarrow
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