[sumo] Streaming Video and WMP - Help!

Jim Bitgood jimbit at verizon.net
Sat Sep 10 21:26:31 EDT 2011

Is there a computer guy out there who can answer any of these questions?
The only thing that I can think of is that I have done something to a 
setting in my Windows Media Player. Are there any settings that will 
turn off the audio and video even though WMP appears to be connected to 
a streaming video source?
I have been using this PC (E-Machines) for at least a couple years now 
to watch sumo and NASA TV. In July, it would not show me the sumo. I 
watched sumo using the nico video in May. Could that have done something 
to the WMP?
Tonight I have tried the direct connection with the URL already in WMP. 
I have also tried the link from the Kyokai webpage and from the Sumo 
Forum, using both IE and Firefox browsers. The only result has been a 
window that pops up saying WMP encountered a problem.
I just tried to get NASA video with the same result. In July, I thought 
Verizon might have done something that was killing the videos. But 
tonight, I used IE on my wife's Dell PC to bring up the WMP and it came 
right up and is still going strong, I can hear it in the other room.
The WMP will play video files that are residing on my PC.

I am also having trouble getting WMP to work on my laptop. I don't know 
why because in July it worked fine all the way from Montana to Indiana. 
When I got back to Maryland, it stopped showing sumo. I thought Verizon 
might have done something to our service, but the video stream is coming 
thru fine on the Dell. Therefore, I think there must be a problem with 
WMP in my desktop PC. For some reason, the laptop won't hold onto the 
wireless link in the house. So I can't really tell if the WMP on the 
laptop would work or not.
This is all very, very frustrating.



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