[sumo] [SPOILERS] Day 11 Late Withdrawal (Sekitori)

Simmons simmons at fpcjpn.or.jp
Thu Nov 24 01:31:39 EST 2011

So if the message comes through after the start of Jonokuchi (as is 
often the case, and sometimes an hour or two later), whose fault is it?


(2011/11/23 12:55), Jim Bitgood wrote:
> Thanks, Jeanne. Obviously the Kyokai doesn't care that I make my
> scorecard from the information they post before the day starts. It was
> NOT there when I looked about an hour before Jonokuchi started.
> On 11/22/2011 10:17 PM, Jeanne Hedge wrote:
>> A late day 11 withdrawal - according to the NSK website, the following
>> rikishi is withdrawing from the current basho as of day 11. The
>> rikishi involved is from the sekitori ranks.

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