[sumo] andy adams: hats off and glass raised.

Jezz jejima at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 22:14:02 EST 2011

Just to throw in my little tribute.....

I also used to look forward to the arrival of the new Sumo World - and
living at the time on a small island off the coast of Hiroshima, it
was always quite an expedition to get hold of it.  It was also
devastating if someone else had beaten me to purchasing the sole copy
of Sumo World available for Hiroshima (sold in the Sogo bookshop) - so
I had Sogo put it on order for me :-)

My first ever time to watch sumo live came about when I rented the
Sumo World box from Andy for a couple of days.  I then led a troop of
foreigners (well, North Americans to be more precise) from Hiroshima
to go to a basho in Tokyo.  Although the original plan was to take it
in turns to use the Sumo World box, after buying the 'cheap seat'
tickets, we managed to cram 10 or so of us into the box (which is with
real seats, and I believe a table) for the two days.  We made it onto
'Ozumo Digest' the TV, when they showed the 'crazy gaijins' shouting
in unison for (I think) Kaio - I guess some things will always remain
the same.


On 19 January 2011 10:11, kj bauman <shimodahito at yahoo.com> wrote:
> My first venture to Japan was from 1985-1989 and I remember buying my first Sumo World at a book store on Yokota Air Base -- long before e-mail.  My first hook on sumo is owed to Andy, Jesse, and a few other rikishi that blew my mind (Chiyonofuji the best, Konishiki the big, Terao the small).  Arigato Andy.
> -shimodahito
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