[sumo] Request for assistance

Joe Klemmer klemmerj at webtrek.com
Sat Jan 1 15:43:13 EST 2011

Fellow list members,

Many apologies for my absence from this list.  I've been so unorganized
these last few months it's a wonder I've gotten anything done at all.
Things have been, as my son Kokuramarujo might say, a bit sketchy here
of late.

First, welcome to the new year.  Here's hoping 2011 will see a
turnaround in the world of Sumo to where the scandals and negativeness
will be left behind with 2010.

Now, I honestly hate to do this but I'm at my ropes end.  You can't
imagine how ashamed I am to make this plea.  I've been holding back for
months because of it, but the situation has gotten pretty desperate.

You may or may not know that I am disabled and haven't worked since late
2004.  Since early 2005, my son and I are living with my brother and
mother at his house.  She is semi-crippled (but still doing ok at 72).
He is very ill and hasn't worked for a number of years either.  We are
living on our combined retirements.  This last year things have gotten
to the point where our income does not meet our expenses.  We were hit
with some unexpected and significant expenditures, plus my son is now
living with me full-time, which has added to the daily cost-of-living,
as you can imagine.  It has reached the point where we've burned through
all our savings.  We've cut back on nonessential expenses and tightened
belts a couple of notches, but it hasn't been enough.

So, I am here asking if anyone could help out by donating whatever you
can.  I have added a donation button through PayPal to the List web page
at http://webtrek.com/sumo or you can use this link -


If you do not want to use the web or your credit card, and would prefer
sending a check or money order, just email me and I'll send you my
mailing address.

I know that times are tough for everyone and I truly hate begging like
this.  Please don't feel obligated, though.  If you are not in a
position to help out that's ok.  I completely understand.

Thank you for reading this.  I am sorry I had to post it.


Joe "Kuramarujo" Klemmer
Sakura Ichimon | http://www.sakura-ichimon.tk

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