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Robert Hovestadt sherlockiama at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 12:33:07 EST 2011

It's a really simple problem to fix honestly. If they suspect it is being
done using cell phones then put a cell phone jammer in all examination
rooms, problem solved. there really is no reason for anyone to be using
their cell phone in the exam room anyway.
I know there are places here in the U.S. that already use this technology
for security reasons.


2011/2/28 Doreen Simmons <JZ8D-SMMN at asahi-net.or.jp>

> In the last day, an interesting new problem has arisen in Japan:
> Virtually all the top universities have found interference with their
> entrance exams.
> Specifucaly, questions in the (different) entrance exams have been
> found to have been posted on Q&A websites that also give the answers.
> Th really incriminating information is that corrections to the text given
> in real time once the exams had started were reflected in the website
> questions.
> It is abs9olutley clear that some students inside the exam rooms were
> getting
> the information out -- and it has to be via cell phones.
> So where does this leave sumo? Well, just to start with, will there be any
> difference in the way representatives of Japan's top universities handle
> a cheating problem?
> Plus, will there be any difference in the way the Internet providers make
> available their ability to go back and identify posters?
> This is getting really interesting.
> Doreen
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