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This very thing is a whole chapter in my book, called "a Gift from God".

> Working from memory from something I read a very long time ago, the
> operative word in your discussion may be "obligation."
> As I recall, Japanese society recognizes at least two kinds of
> obligations, Again if I remember correctly, they are called "on" and
> "giri" in Japanese according to one very old book. And dictionary
> definitions usually don't do justice to the complications of the concepts.
> There are probably more up-to-date books, but the one I read is called
> "The Chrysanthemum and the Sword" and was written by a sociology
> specialist during WWII. But it was assigned reading for a Sociology
> class in 1968.
> Anyway, that sense of "obligation" could happen as you described where
> the next time two guys meet, one feels the necessity to return the favor
> and lose to the guy who allowed him to win in the earlier match.
> There will probably be dozens of new books to come out of all this once
> (IF) it ever gets settled.


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