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I don't exactly remember the time frame, 1994-96, I think, when I joined, the sumo list was hosted on Jerry Yang's akebono.stanford.edu server. Yes, that's Jerry Yang of Yahoo fame. Abe-san and others were very active and helpful in better understanding the nuances of sumo. 

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> Right! Thanks for the memories. It was Chris Basten's list when I first joined, I don't recall how many years ago. 
> Then Joe K. very generously took over. 
>> When I joined the list in 1999, it was hosted by Chris Basten at sumo at brooks.statgen.ncsu.edu. 
>> Kodaiyama 
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I can't remember exactly when I joined the list. I worked for SRI International (formerly Stanford Research Institute) in Menlo Park CA. In 1981 we spun off a company (CIC) doing handwriting recognition for the Japanese. In 1983 I agreed to go to Tokyo for two years to help the launch. Eleven years later, in 1994, I returned to the US to retire. My office for a few years was in the Imperial Tower. After work we would drift over to the little drinking/eating shop under the train tracks in Yurakucho called "Yosakoi", named, I believe from a folk song in Shikoku. On the list I took "Yosakoiboi" as my name. 

The head of our language group was Masumi Abe, whom we hired away from Xerox US, where he had managed a group of good folks to do Japanese language work for Xerox. Abe-san, in addition to being a great Japanese language expert, knew more about Sumo than anyone I have ever met, before or since. Many of the old timers on this list will remember Masumi Abe. 

Our family lived in an apartment in Roppongi (called Azabu Terrace) owned by the Watanabe family. The senior Watanabe, who died about 15 or 20 years ago at the age of 106 was on the Yokozuna committee in the early days. He and his wife had fantastic seats and we, as their guests, attended several basho. Their daughter was Yoshiko and was a good friend of my wife for many years. Yoshiko sponsored my wife to become a member of Nadeshiko Kai, a well-known ladies group. My wife, like many other gaijin women, was a great fan of Chiyonofuji. She died of cancer a couple of years ago. 

Abe-san was a great contributor to this list for many years. He slowly faded away from the group following some health problems. I have not had contact with him for at least 8 or 10 years. 

I think it is a good idea to register this list on a site such as sumolist.com. I would be happy to contribute the cost of the registration. Until things in Japan get on a more stable basis, I will just bide my time and watch the news. 


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