[sumo] Monday Meeting Update

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Tue Feb 15 14:34:35 EST 2011

Jeanne-  I think I was calling one of the Joes a troll.  The problem is I dont get all of the emails, I dont subscribe to the digest so some of the obscure servers don't make it to me.
My troll calling was in fun only.  Who has the energy to either troll or be a troll.  I truly was confused with Joe P and Joe K;  I thought Joe K was not well and a bit down on his luck, but that could also be Joe P, who in the good old days I had a few back and forths regarding my intense Asashoryu worship stage.  I did go to a 28 day program to rid myself of this affliction, but occasionally the kids say I cry out night "Asashoryu!!! (in a good way).

So dear sumo friends I was trying t  make light of the misery we are all undergoing.  I do most of my writing and reading at night when I can;t sleep.  The rest of the time i give great bg needles to the afflicted.

I sent this in the spirit of around the time when I sent an email inviting sumoans to highjack a prop plane and go to tokyo, rush the announcers booth when CLyde was there and spin his bow tie around.  We were all angry about sumo world.  Ah.  That seems so long ago.

Everyone be warm in the cold winter an know that this makes us vulnerable to stress related illnesses.  It is insidious.  We must remain strong.  Who knows what is ahead for us.

---- "Doreen Simmons" <JZ8D-SMMN at asahi-net.or.jp> wrote: 
> Hey, hey, kids, the only troller is Joe Petrow, who has already told us (unless my usually deadly sharp memory fails me) that he is sick and broke. 
> Personally I marvel at the number of people on this list who apparently have so much time to spare (and with a little envy) because I am overwhelmed by my _real_ work, 
> plus all the phone interviews I did in the past two weeks, plus the nut case 
> who keeps ringing me around six a.m. just as I am reluctantly swimming uo to full consciousness and then rings off before I can reach for the phone....
> Here in Ryogoku, the sumo heartland unless anybody tells me differently, we are simply trying to go on with everyday life. Personally I am still in a state of shock -- but not always for the reasons that outsiders would appreciate.
> I feel profoundly depressed, because a lot of the names have been personal friends for thirty years or more.
> Doreen, a genuine sumo fan since 1968 and active since 1973
> >Then Jude, I guess I'm the one having a problem and putting up my virtual dukes since you just called me a troll (or maybe you just called Joe K a troll for correcting the typo in his earlier reply to my original message)
> >
> >Now maybe I got trolled over on the Forum, but I wasn't intending to troll here.
> >
> >
> >Jeanne H
> >
> >Jude wrote:
> >>If it were manned by lawyers it would not be an "anonymous hot like, 
> >>but rather an anonymous hot NOT like '
> >>
> >>I am so flummoxed by the sumo cancellation that I can't tell if I am 
> >>responding to a troll, and if so is it Joe P. or Joe K. or the other 
> >>Joe whose trolling mechanism is so politically correct that you don't 
> >>even know it's a troll.
> >>
> >>Anyone have a problem with this post you can just put up your virtual 
> >>dukes and stand in front of a mirror.  Oh god, I'm becoming PeeWee Herman.
> >>
> >>Jude,  who is thinking of prank calling that anonymous line leaving 
> >names like "Duane Reade, P. Smurf and Pepe LePew and one of the Joe's.
> >>
> >>In case anyone hasn't noted, the list is getting a tad desperate.  Shall 
> >we choose a new sport for the time being?
> >>
> >>
> >>---- Joe Klemmer <klemmerj at webtrek.com> wrote: 
> >>> On Mon, 2011-02-14 at 11:42 -0500, Kuramarujo wrote:
> >>> 
> >>> > > An anonymous hotline where you have to say who you are? I don't care
> >>> > > that they say the caller will not be revealed - in my (work)
> >>> > > experience this is not possible, stuff always gets out.
> >>> > 
> >>> > An anonymous hot like, manned by lawyers, where you have to say who you
> >>> > are.  Yeah, I'm already dialing the number.
> >>> 
> >>> That should read, "An anonymous hotline" and not "An anonymous hot
> >>> like."  I'd blame it on autocorrect but that feature isn't even in my
> >>> email client.  The problem is with my fingers.  They sometimes type what
> >>> they want instead of what I'm thinking.
> >>> 
> >>> K-jo
> >>> 
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