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Kaiopectate! <tm> cfinberg862 at yahoo.com
Sun Feb 13 09:04:16 EST 2011

Does this mean that I shouldn't write about Dutch restaurants?
On Feb 13, 2011 6:40 AM, "Joe Petrow" <joepetrow at gmail.com> wrote:
> The asshole is the one who trashes an entire country's restaurants on
> one piece if anecdotal evidence.
> You're right about one thing though; it's pointless talking with you
> further. Into the spam folder you go...
> On 2/13/11, Greg Lund <jac at zat.att.ne.jp> wrote:
>> Yes, and you sound like an arsehole.
>> As a matter of fact, I have made my bookings in advance and eaten at two
>> restaurants in Tokyo with one Michelin star each, and both were
>> excellent. And from what I know of the way Michelin judges restaurants
>> in the real world (as opposed to the rose colored glasses view of Japan
>> so prevalent on this list - I assume you don't live in Japan, but if you
>> do, then the old "there is none so blind . . . " adage probably
>> applies). I stand by what I said. Michelin (in the real world) demands a
>> standard of ambience, decor, linen, silverware, etc., etc., that simply
>> was not evident in my friend Ando san's establishment. I am sure it is a
>> very good restaurant, and I would expect nothing less of him. My
>> quibble, and that of anyone who has eaten at Michelin establishments in
>> several countries, is that one star is the normal starting point, and
>> winning your spurs beyond that comes with long - often VERY long - years
>> of dedication to excellence that is re-assessed regularly by Michelin
>> and additional stars awarded extremely sparingly. Foodies the world over
>> are raising eyebrows and laughing like drains at the sudden spate of
>> spurious awards in Japan. I don't suppose money could have changed
>> hands. Perish the thought. There is no such thing as yaocho either, is
>> there?
>> As this was only a side comment on another topic, I do not intend to
>> respond to anything further on this issue.
>> Cheers
>> Greg
>> On 13/2/11 2:00 AM, sumo-request at webtrek.com wrote:
>>> So...you base your opinion on what the outside of one restaurant looks
>>> like? Have you even tried eating at a single Michelin starred
>>> restaurant in Japan, even once?
>>> Is it not possible that they had not even considered Japan before now,
>>> and are just getting caught up on all the gastronomical delights that
>>> this country has to offer?
>>> You sound just as xenophobic as that crackpot editor in the free rag
>>> Metropolis...
>>> - Peterao
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