[sumo] Re: Bitter and Twisted People

Greg Lund jac at zat.att.ne.jp
Sun Feb 13 08:24:55 EST 2011

Yes, and you sound like an arsehole.

As a matter of fact, I have made my bookings in advance and eaten at two 
restaurants in Tokyo with one Michelin star each, and both were 
excellent. And from what I know of the way Michelin judges restaurants 
in the real world (as opposed to the rose colored glasses view of Japan 
so prevalent on this list - I assume you don't live in Japan, but if you 
do, then the old "there is none so blind . . . " adage probably 
applies). I stand by what I said. Michelin (in the real world) demands a 
standard of ambience, decor, linen, silverware, etc., etc., that simply 
was not evident in my friend Ando san's establishment. I am sure it is a 
very good restaurant, and I would expect nothing less of him. My 
quibble, and that of anyone who has eaten at Michelin establishments in 
several countries, is that one star is the normal starting point, and 
winning your spurs beyond that comes with long - often VERY long - years 
of dedication to excellence that is re-assessed regularly by Michelin 
and additional stars awarded extremely sparingly. Foodies the world over 
are raising eyebrows and laughing like drains at the sudden spate of 
spurious awards in Japan. I don't suppose money could have changed 
hands. Perish the thought. There is no such thing as yaocho either, is 

As this was only a side comment on another topic, I do not intend to 
respond to anything further on this issue.


On 13/2/11 2:00 AM, sumo-request at webtrek.com wrote:
> So...you base your opinion on what the outside of one restaurant looks
> like?  Have you even tried eating at a single Michelin starred
> restaurant in Japan, even once?
> Is it not possible that they had not even considered Japan before now,
> and are just getting caught up on all the gastronomical delights that
> this country has to offer?
> You sound just as xenophobic as that crackpot editor in the free rag
> Metropolis...
>    - Peterao

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