[sumo] Uh-Oh

Jim Bitgood jimbit at verizon.net
Wed Feb 9 10:18:20 EST 2011

I wondering though that even if the specific cell phone happens to 
encounter a sledge hammer, isn't there a possibility of some of the text 
messages still existing in some telephone company's server? I don't know 
a lot about texting, but I suspect each message passes thru more than 
one relay from source to destination. Any of those relays could have a 
storage function for some period of time, I think.
Oh, well. I think I'll enjoy the break in March. Here in the Eastern 
time zone in the U.S., each basho turns my day upside down for two 
weeks. I go to sleep about 6pm and get up a little after midnight to 
watch the streaming video. I do think I'll enjoy the break. But I do 
feel sorry for all the people on the edges of the Haru Basho who will 
lose more money than sleep.
Maybe instead of canceling the basho (which is just to make it look like 
they are doing something effective, much like the US Congress does 
things), they could set up an enforcement division and absolutely 
promise that anyone caught even thinking about yaochou will be kicked 
out of the JSA. Oh, wait, the JSA may not understand the concept of 
enforcement or how to apply it.

On 2/9/2011 7:59 AM, Jeanne Hedge wrote:
> Jeffrey Anderson wrote:
>> It seems some suspected rikishi have been uncooperative and have altered their cell phones.
>> They wait for a week to pass before asking for more cell phones and expect the evidence to still be there?  Now who are the bigger idiots - the rikishi who got caught, or the investigators who expected people to not get rid of the evidence?
>> Besides, people get new cell phones all the time, especially young people. Would it be a surprise to learn that rikishi legitimately do this too? I really don't think so. (and guilty rikishi would obviously be even more inclined to do this)


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