AW: [sumo] Hakuho

Tue Feb 8 22:14:10 EST 2011

It didn't work for Miyagino, either. ;-)


>Funny, that line has never worked for me, in impressing women!
>On Tue, Feb 8, 2011 at 7:10 PM, <sumorina at> wrote:
>> It's hardly surprising that Hakuho is keeping quiet.  It was his then
>> Oyakata, former Kanechika, now demoted and replaced as Miyagino Oyakata, who
>> was allegedly recorded by a disgruntled girlfriend boasting about having
>> fixed matches.
>> I think he later recanted, saying he was just trying to impress the woman.
>> No-one in the Miyaginobeya wants to bring that up again!
>> Katrina

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