Still Selling Tickets (Re: [sumo] (no subject))

Jeanne Hedge jhedge at
Sun Feb 6 20:23:27 EST 2011

Joe Petrow <joepetrow at> wrote:
>On 2/7/11, Jeanne Hedge <jhedge at> wrote:
>> Doreen Simmons wrote:
>>>>On 2/7/11, Chuck <cdemund at> wrote:
>>>>>  As of Sunday noon Eastern US time the official website is still
>>>>> offering
>>>>> tickets with no mention of cancellation.  Maybe they are waiting for the
>>>>> "official" word?
>>>>It just takes time for the English site to catch up with the Japanese.
>>>And the office doesn't open till 9:00 a.m. Monday  -- which is in another
>>> ten minutes.
>> 10AM Japan time (8pm US Eastern) - both sides (Japanese and English) are
>> still advertising ticket sales.
>Japanese site states clearly in red that ticket sales are canceled
>since at least yesterday.

Maybe there, but at they're still advertising tickets.

You have to click the ticket link that's at the bottom of the ad to get to the ticket info page. There's a notice on the Japanese side (very small print) that ticket sales are "aborted" (Google translator's word). On the English side you are told that ticket sales have been postponed, and to wait for additional information.


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