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I hate to be scientific but all of this is proof positive that Takamisakari is a Time traveller who got flipped from some alien planet, to edo period sumo and then got kicked into the present.
Now I wonder what he really looks like.  He still hasn't gotten the moves right, has he.

That article was amazing -  It was like I was listening to the match on the radio.  Things really haven't changed much.  But an attendance of 10.000?  Is that ever possible?
One could only feel a fondness for these oddly described fellows.


---- "Scott M. Kahn" <smk1 at columbia.edu> wrote: 
> These are priceless accounts, thanks, Katarina.  The chooks could  
> probably also do better than some Kyokai members...
> Could Takamisakari have been reincarnated from 1895?
> Apart from the poles at the corners of the dohyo, it is a tribute to  
> sumo heritage that these historic accounts can describe much of what  
> we have the luxury of viewing online.  Reading between the lines,  
> patronage of sekitori (perhaps in return for their protective  
> services?) was a way for them to supplement their incomes.  And,  
> internal infighting over control of the inner workings seems to have  
> been a rule, rather than an exception.  Glad to read from Moti's  
> reports that the Kyokai members are living up to my prediction, not  
> willing to sacrifice share ownership without a bitter fight to the  
> end.  Nothing different from what these historical accounts attest to,  
> as this is arguably the most important part of sumo heritage,  
> internally.  Without Kyokai shares, all we would have left is, ahem,  
> sumo heritage...
> Sukubidubidu
> Quoting sumorina at mac.com:
> > Scott, this is a great article too.  Very interesting and amusing.
> >
> > I enjoyed the descriptions of wrestlers gulping down great swallows   
> > of water and spraying themselves by spouting it over their "cream   
> > coloured bodies" - Moby Dick comes to mind instantly - and pounding   
> > their naked chests with their fists - Gorillas in the Mist?
> >
> > My favourite is the description of the umpire, "He screeches out as   
> > though he had the colic and was screaming with pain, but his shrill   
> > cries penetrate to every corner of the circus, and he is a man of   
> > great importance and long training."
> >
> > It reminds me of when I invited my country cousins to the sumo in   
> > Melbourne when Ozumo came to Australia. They enjoyed it very much   
> > but the next day my cousin, Mary, proclaimed that she wasn't too   
> > keen on the ring announcers.  She had, she said, chooks (Aussie   
> > lingo for 'chickens') at home that that sounded better than that!
> >
> > Thanks Scott, a most enjoyable read.
> >
> > Katrina
> >
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