[sumo] Hanamichi Report

Jeffrey Anderson jeffand at regent.edu
Sun Nov 28 15:05:32 EST 2010

Ross Mihara: Here's Riyo Ohta with a hanamichi report. This one's with Gaijingai.

Riyo: Gaijingai, I would say omedeto as you got three jun-yushos...including your tenth in Bench Sumo! - but your wife Gaijingal scored a yusho in Cibersumo, leaving your 3 second places finishes in Bench Sumo, Ying Yang, and Sumo Game a pitiful second.

Gaijingai: I did my best.

Riyo: Sounds like you almost did your best.

Gaijingai: Well, I was distracted by my viewing of English Teachers - The Series. There are 5 five-minute episodes so far. If you've ever been an English teacher in Japan, you can commiserate with these folks.

Riyo: And where do we find this excellent series?

Gaijingai: Right here: http://englishteachersseries.com/  Make sure you start with episode 1.

Riyo: Gaijingai, this interview is supposed to be funny.

Gaijingai: Just watch the series. You'll find lots of funny! Enjoy!

Riyo: Back to you, Ross. Er - Ross? Where are you? Good night - he's already watching the series!

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