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Pretty much nil.  With both Sekiwakes ending up 7-8 they will become the
Komosubis next basho leaving M1E Kisenosato (10-5) & M1WKotoshogiku (9-6) to
move up to the Sekiwake E & W spots respectively.  M2E Aminishiki at 8-7
should become M1E which leaves M1W open for Toyonoshima with his 14-1 Yusho
Doten performance.  Not too many years ago he probably would have been
promoted to Sekiwake East with Kisenosato getting West and Kotoshogiku being
left out in the cold.  That sort of promoting went out of style, presumably
with a new generation of Torikumi makers taking over and now the thinking
seems to be to promote from the positioning on the Banzuke rather than
leapfrogging.  That has been my observation at least.

Hal "Chisaiyama" Shaver

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What are the chances of Toyonoshima moving to Sekiwake from M9W with his Jun
Yusho and 14-1 record?


Emmett Wayne


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