[sumo] Go Kaio Go!! (UNCLASSIFIED)

Leonishiki leonishiki at gmail.com
Wed Nov 24 04:56:36 EST 2010

I think the yaocho issue have been existing forever. Chiyonofuji, Akebono, 
Asashoryu... I think all the big names in sumo have been accused of this. 
But I really love sumo and I can't believe that every win of the big guys is 
fixed. I remember when Asashoryu was accused of yaocho that the tabloids 
said that Kisenosato and Asasekiryu were not fixing their matches. Nobody 
said anything against this then so, why I have to think different today 
about this guys just because they have lost against Kaio?

I don't have any evidence about existing or not fixing matches, so I prefer 
to think that Kaio is just making a remarkable basho (yes, maybe the swan 
song) and I'm really happy to see him in the yusho race for the last days of 
the tournament.


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