[sumo] Go Kaio Go!! (UNCLASSIFIED)

Jeffrey Anderson jeffand at regent.edu
Tue Nov 23 21:37:14 EST 2010

In trhe Ying Yang game, Kaio is always good for an 8-7 record, which helps me do very well in that game. This basho his success is killing me!


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Just to add a little extra.....  During jungyos, the local rikishi
*always* wins.  (I remember watching two days of jungyo many years
back in Hiroshima.  All 5 or 6 of the local boys from the prefecture
or the neighbouring ones won *both* days.).  This could be put down to
the extra incentive of performing well in front of friends and family.
 It could be put down to the crowd screaming your name (encouraging
you, and disheartening your aite), or it could be down to sumo being a
business, with all the rikishi being 'share-holders' - and they know
how to please the punters.

Kaio always performing well in Fukuoka has something of this jungyo vibe, maybe.

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