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There are, I'm sure, many lines of thought on this phenomenon.  I can only
offer my own opinion based on many years of watching these bashos
time-shifted on DVD recorded from NHK via TVJapan.  I make this point to
emphasize that I get to see all the replays, close-ups etc. not the
streaming feed from the JSA.

There have been a mix of matches in his performance from my point of view.
In some of those he genuinely seemed to be exercising his power, experience
and sumo techniques in arriving at his win.  In others, OTOH, there have
been some very suspiciously strange happenings.  For instance Kisenosato,
who has been doing exceptionally well this basho, just happened to lose his
grip on Kaio's mawashi at the dohyo edge and then Kaio "managed" to get him
turned around and shoved over the edge.  A similar occurrence with
Asasekiryu, though in all fairness, Asasekiryu has been far from stellar
this basho and that could well have been valid.  

In the Homasho-Kaio bout Homasho appeared to have the match in charge with
an exceptional pushing thrusting attack when, of a sudden they stopped about
2 feet apart, in the middle of the dohyo and looked at each other for a
second and then without rhyme or reason Homasho shifted his attack to the
mawashi where Kaio quickly overpowered him and got him over the tawara.

As always with Kaio in his later years, there are those who fear yaocho has
raised its ugly head and with a man who hasn't seen a double-digit
performance since May 2007 and who went through all of 2009 with nothing but
8-7 scores and who just barely escaped his 13th kadoban situation with an
8-7 in September and who has complained constantly during the period since
Aki of back, knee and shoulder pains to go 9-1 after losing on opening day
it would be a wonder if those rumors weren't being bandied about.  Yet, at
the same time, everybody is oohing and aahing over his "amazing" performance
as it were the second arrival of the messiah.

Only Kaio knows the truth of the validity of these 9 wins but all I can say
is I personally have my doubts.  Unless he has struck up a Faustian bargain
(not sure how that  works in  the Shinto religion) I personally believe his
score should be more on the order of 6-4.  Of course he has been lucky in
that there is weaker than usual joi-jin this basho as a result of the whole
gambling scandal in July.  The banzuke is still in the process of righting
itself as those who got dropped into Juryo have now returned to Makuuchi and
by next basho they should be back at their pre-scandal levels.  He has also
been given a break by the early kyujo of Harumafuji which requires the
addition of another maegashira to the lineup facing the Sanyaku and above
ranks.  With Kisenosato apparently re-focused, and with Goeido and
Toyonoshima almost certainly back in the joi-jin in January the situation
will be much different and I doubt seriously we will see Kaio performing at
this level in Hatsu.

Of course, as noted previously this is strictly IMHO, there will be those
who will vehemently disagree with my version of the situation and hopefully
they will respond as well so that you can get other angles on the situation.

Hal "Chisaiyama" Shaver

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So for those of you in the know, what is up with Kaio?  This is his best
showing in many bashos.

Emmett Wayne
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