[sumo] Roho, Hakurozan Lose In Court

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Court again rules firing of sumo wrestlers over marijuana valid
TOKYO (Kyodo) -- The Tokyo High Court ruled Thursday that the dismissal of former sumo wrestlers Roho and Hakurozan by the Japan Sumo Association over their alleged use of marijuana was valid, rejecting the appeals of the Russian siblings.
Upholding a lower court ruling, the high court recognized that the two used marijuana and said it was not unreasonable for the association to fire them on the grounds that drug use is "against the way of sumo."
"Also given that drug abuse has become a serious social problem, it was not that unreasonable to fire the brothers who were recognized as having used it," said Presiding Judge Seiichiro Nishioka.
Roho and Hakurozan were expelled from the professional sport following drug tests conducted shortly after fellow Russian wrestler Wakanoho was arrested in August 2008 on suspicion of marijuana possession. The brothers tested positive in both preliminary tests and detailed examinations.
Roho, whose real name is Borafzov Soslan Feliksovich, was No. 3 maegashira in the ranking for the top makuuchi division at the time of his dismissal. Hakurozan, or Baradzofv Batraz Feliksovich, was ranked in the second-tier juryo division.
(Mainichi Japan) November 19, 2010

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