[sumo] Where Wakanoho Has Landed

Barbara Ann baklein at attglobal.net
Wed Nov 10 16:40:58 EST 2010

On Wed Nov 10 14:39:25 CST 2010, Jeffrey Anderson 
<jeffand at regent.edu> wrote:

> This article makes me wonder where he learned English good enough 
> for college.

Maybe the key is "International" college. We all know of even 
American athletes who were accepted into a school based on their 
athletic prowess.

I've had conversations with Wakanoho since he first entered sumo 
and I thought he had a decent, if not entirely fluent, command of 
the English language. I will also say that I really liked him 
very, very much and was extremely saddened when he was expelled 
from sumo. BUT, a fun-loving guy, he certainly was.


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