[sumo] Leak Reporter Gets Three-Month Ban

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Wed Nov 3 10:01:48 EDT 2010

NHK to slap 3-month work ban on reporter for info leak to sumo master
TOKYO (Kyodo) -- Public broadcaster NHK said Tuesday it will suspend one of its reporters from work for three months starting Nov. 9 as he told a sumo stablemaster about an upcoming police raid.
NHK, formally called Japan Broadcasting Corp., also announced pay cuts for senior officials for a month from Tuesday for poor supervision, including a 50 percent reduction for President Shigeo Fukuchi.
According to an announcement by NHK last month, the reporter in his 30s sent a mobile phone text message around midnight July 6 to a Japan Sumo Association official, telling him beforehand that the Metropolitan Police Department would likely search sumo stables for evidence of illegal gambling on professional baseball games.
The searches took place on the morning of July 7, including at the stable of stablemaster Tokitsukaze, to whom the reporter had sent the message. The reporter said he obtained the investigative information from a journalist at another media organization.
The reporter leaked it to Tokitsukaze in a bid to establish a closer relationship with him, NHK said.
Announcing the punishments at a press conference, Fukuchi said it is "unforgivable" the reporter damaged people's trust in public broadcasting.
But the reporter had no intention of conspiring to conceal evidence about the gambling scandal and there has been no punishment against him by police, Fukuchi added.
(Mainichi Japan) November 3, 2010
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