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He WAS very serious.  I was that woman and shortly after that proposal we married and he whisked me away to Turkey.  9 children later, all hairy girls who love to bowl and lip synch to Michael Jackson songs,  he still occasionally uses me for his teppo pole, and all those harite/tsupppari left me with three good teeth. I had gold racks placed on those three teeth to show my pride.  In Turkey you are expected to be your husbands teppo pole.  It is an honor and got me extra goat meat.  But he was always a good provider, and he NEVER returned from a trip without a tee shirt or flip=flops for me and the girls.

Huzayomama who claims "this is a work of fiction".  I get frisky holed up in this humidity.  At least the lies didn't  didn't involve gambling, unless you count the few times we bet on how often our 9 year old daughter Frelga needed to shave.  That wasn't for money, it was for extra turns riding the pony cart to town (as opposed to pulling it).

Somehow I think I will be defending this story of fiction = I know nothing about Turkish men, society or hirsute women. My only point of reference is Mehmet Oz, who is hairy, but depilitates and my grandaughter who is of eastern european descent and CAN braid the hair going down her back if she so desires. 

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> I remember back in 1994 when Tasci took third place at the World 
> Championships at the Kokugikan. We were both asked for our autographs by a 
> beautiful American woman from San Diego who was in the audience. Tasci 
> proposed to her on the spot. I do not know how serious he was.
> Kevin Carter
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> >A friend of mine with an interest in Turkey sent me this story. BTW, does 
> >anyone know who the Japanese sumo rikishi is?
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> > http://www.todayszaman.com/tz-web/detaylar.do?load=detay&link=214397
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