[sumo] Will this never end?

Simon Ostermann simonostermann at ymail.com
Tue Jun 22 02:21:54 EDT 2010

Could you please tell me the source of that information Miss Klein? I only read in the papers that it was Chiyohakuho not moto Chiyotaikai who confessed.

From: Barbara Ann Klein <baklein at attglobal.net>
Date: 2010/6/21
Subject: [sumo] Will this never end?
To: Sumo Mailing List <sumo at webtrek.com>

Now, it's reported that since around half of Onamatsu's heya has been
involved in the gambling purge, his might be the next heya to be closed. One
of the papers said that the decision whether or not to hold the Nagoya basho
will be made on July 4 - who wants to bet that it will still be held? Now,
one my favorites, Sanoyama Oyakata, formerly Chiyotaikai has fessed up :-(
Sad times for sumo, but the Kyokai still drags its feet with all these
admissions, while being quick to act with - for his alleged transgression,
Asashoryu - against whom no aggressive act was ever proven, nor charges
filed. I wonder if the Kyokai will still permit the Chiyo's danpatsu in the


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