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So you mean Iwatora's ex-wife. I have several drawings of him, of anyone is

And here go the flame wars :-)
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From: Gillogly, James
Date: 6/17/2010 7:25:50 PM
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Subject: [sumo] Black Ships
It's that time of year, so I was went the Newport, RI Black Ships Festival
website to find if we'd get some Sumo in my usually sumo-deprived part of
the world.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that the festival would
feature a meet-and-greet with Manny Yarborough and the former Iwatora. I was
even more surprised to find that a certain list member would be there as
well.  http://www.newportevents.com/Blackships/calendar.shtml
Care to fill us in on details? :-)  I'll definitely be there on Saturday
(7/16), so if anyone wants to meet up, let me know.
Jim Gillogly
(a.k.a., Takanorappa)
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