[sumo] More On Asashoryu Incident

Scott M. Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Sun Jan 31 01:19:55 EST 2010

How about a NASCAR circuit for rikishi?  How would that be governed?

Quoting Jeanne Hedge <jhedge at rcn.com>:

> "Scott M. Kahn" <smk1 at columbia.edu> wrote:
>> Purists prefer the status quo, that way the Kyokai can continue to
>> dole out its punative measures without any sense of consistency and in
>> its own hypocritical manner.
> Sounds like NASCAR, with its rule book that no one is allowed to   
> see, drug testing and penalties that have been issued from its   
> results although there is no list of banned substances, and rule   
> violations that are called, or not, depending on who is involved. (I  
>  am not making this stuff up)
> jeanne
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