[sumo] More On Asashoryu Incident

Scott M. Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Fri Jan 29 15:14:59 EST 2010

We've discussed the xenophobic tendencies of the Kyokai here ad  
naseum, especially as it pertains to Asa.

Remember, Asa has made it clear his post-sumo future extends beyond  
sumo.  His heart belongs to Mongolia.  On the other hand, Hakuho is  
married to a Japanese woman, and will probably remain in the Kyokai.   
So, Asa has no future career with the Kyokai as he will not become a  
Japanese citizen, whereas Hakuho probably will so that he can continue  
post retirement within the Kyokai.

I personally think Takamisakari's antics are way more mocking of sumo  
than any of Asa's, yet he is celebrated.  Intimidation is a "right"  
for Yokozuna- other Yokozuna in the past developed their own  
intimidating styles, and Hakuho has been known to give an extra push  
or two, along with his seemingly never-ending stare downs.

(If you noticed, Asa offered a hand when Hakuho catapulted out of the  
ring vs. Kaio this past tournament)


Quoting Herman Nienhuis <herman at bhnienhuis.nl>:

> Ok, as I am new to this mailing list, maybe I mention things that have
> been discussed here before. But really, isn't Asashoryu's behaviour on
> the dohyo very un-Yokozuna like? That extra push he needs to deliver
> for instance after he has already won a bout isn't that very
> unsportive?
> I agree, sometimes it feels like there's a somewhat anti gaijin thing
> going on amongst the shimpan when one really thinks that there's going
> to be a monoii but there isn't and even in the replay you can see that
> they should have had one.
> But let's face is, Hakuho is a Mongolian too and he is a true
> gentleman on the dohyo, made of real Yokozuna stuf!
> I think we could do without Asa.
> Regards,
> Herman.
> (married to a Japanese and watching sumo for over 20 years).
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