[sumo] Sumo for Iphone - a post for a slow time.

Harold E. Shaver hal6671 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 27 23:35:43 EST 2010

Sorry, K-jo, there is already a sumo game for
the Wii platform, it is called "Eat, Fat,
Fight" and is available on the Wii Ware
channel for 1000 Points ($10).  I haven't
tried it yet but have read a number of
reviews on the web which were all generally
quite favorable.

Hal "Chisaiyama" Shaver


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Leonishiki wrote:
> > Thank you you Barbara for thinking about
me. By now my 
> mobile phone is
> > a Nokia, although for sure I'll change to
an Iphone sooner 
> or later. I
> > knew about the curling game because a
member of my team 
> have it in his
> > phone (he's even more crazy about curling
than me), but 
> I'll tell him
> > to download the sumo app also and we'll
try it.
> 	If only they had these for some other
platforms than 
> the iPhone.  I'd
> love to get an iPhone but I can't do $200
for the low end one.
> 	You know, I'm in the middle of
getting a BS degree in 
> Game Software
> Development.  During one of my classes this
term we were 
> discussing the
> idea of making games from our hobbies and
interests.  I 
> mentioned I am a
> fan of Sumo but didn't think the subject
would be good for a 
> game.  Some
> in the class said I should try for it
anyway.  This got me 
> thinking, how
> about a Sumo game on the Wii?  There's
already boxing, bowling, tennis
> and a bunch of others on there.  The motion
control aspect of the Wii
> might make a fun interface for Sumo as
well.  And with Microsoft and
> Sony soon to release their motion
controllers for the Xbox360 and PS3
> respectively the game could potentially go
cross platform.
> 	Of course this is all in the category
of wild @$$ dreaming.
> K-jo, who asks that you wake him when he's
a millionaire
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