[sumo] Akebono commercial for GLEE

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That's a really good one, too, Jan. Thank you,

In fact, I just found a longer version of the one I posted, which I like
better than the abbreviated version I had:

For those who are not familiar with "Glee", it debuted last year to rave
reviews and it's a series about a high school glee club that wants to go to
compete in the national competition. Of course, there are the usual,
romance, twists and turns, etc., but it's a great little show with very BIG
talent (and Akebono is not in the series). At the recent awards shows, Glee
picked up a few awards.



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On 9-2-2010 16:34, Barbara Ann Klein wrote:
>  Speaking of the WSJ, this recently showed up on its entertainment
>  pages: (I don't THINK this was posted before. It's from January
>  2010:
>  And here's the link:
>  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RWTslWUlV_E

There's a 2nd commercial with Akebono singing the song in the office
instead of on the dohyo.


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Jan de Veen

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