[sumo] Re: [sumo) a dark story in sumo

Scott M. Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Sun Feb 7 13:16:14 EST 2010

I appreciate what you state below, and agree with you on differences  
between oyakata and active rikishi.

However, my point, which by now everyone is tired of hearing, is that  
if Asa was ultimately thrown out for not displaying hinkaku, there  
were past cases of Yokozuna that were equal or worse, and condoned.  I  
believe the Kyokai would not have wanted steroid testing during Taka's  
days becasue he was their cash cow (or PED goliath), even though  
toward his final days on the dohyo steroid abuse was becoming an issue  
(at least here in the USA). In much the same way MLB condoned steroid  
use because home runs were bringing fans back to baseball after the  
labor stoppage.

I consider Taka to have been a cheater during his dohyo days, just  
like the steroid abusers in MLB.  And I believe, given the Asa-rules,  
such a cheater should not have a top position within the Kyokai, until  
he makes amends.


Quoting "Harold E. Shaver" <hal6671 at gmail.com>:

> Scott,
> What you seem to be forgetting and no one
> else, that I have seen, has pointed out is
> taking steroids in sumo is NOT a
> "transgression".  As of this time it is not
> against any rule in Ozumo.  The drug testing
> they are doing is not for steroids it is for
> illegal drugs such as marijuana.  All
> rikishis are currently free to use steroids
> if they wish thus it was not "cheating".
> I do not approve of the way Takanohana has
> comported himself since retirement especially
> the airing of his familial disagreements in
> public and the whole fiasco regarding his
> father's funeral etc. but those are the
> actions of an Oyakata not an active Yokozuna.
> Once you leave the dohyo as an active rikishi
> a lot more is allowable than when you are on
> it.  For instance after his retirement the
> revered Futabayama, he of the 69 consecutive
> win record, joined a "goddess cult", went on
> a rampage in a police station tryin to rescue
> his "goddess" and yet was later elected to
> the rijicho post!
> You simply cannot compare Takanohana's
> actions as an oyakata to Asashoyru's
> activities as an active Yokozuna.  The
> comparisons are not valid.  Even Spock would
> have a difficult time finding any logic in
> that.
> Hal "Chisaiayam" Shaver

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