[sumo] [spoiler] A dark day for sumo

Kuramarujo klemmerj at webtrek.com
Fri Feb 5 19:27:54 EST 2010

On Fri, 2010-02-05 at 00:25 -0500, Scott M. Kahn wrote:

> Now, the true xenophobic colors of the principals are beginning to  
> trickle out. 

	I know I should try nd stay out of this kind of stuff but, again, I am
avoiding doing productive work so what the hell.

	You know, I don't think that the Japanese people or culture is
xenophobic.  They believe that they are racially superior to the rest of
the world, but that's no unique.  That kind of view is prominent
anywhere you find more than two people standing together.  This self
superiority is just a bit more deep due to the centuries of isolation on
the home islands.

> Ms. Uchidate (a line from a paragraph reported by Moti):
> "I hope that from now on, foreigners who are in Japan and in other 
> countries, regardless of what their job is, will not forget to respect
> the ways of the countries they work in and the jobs they have."

	I was born and grew up in Germany as a US citizen.  This has given me a
perspective that is different from the average person in the US.  The
myth of the "Ugly American" is both true and completely overblown.
There are people who exhibit obnoxiousness and egotistical behaviors.
But they are pretty rare anymore.  Most foreigners in a different
country, regardless of which countries are represented, try to be as
polite as they can.  But when the culture is extremely different there's
going to be times when mistakes happen.

	I completely understand why TPTB want all foreign rikishi to act and
comport themselves in the traditional way.  Sumo is far more than just a
sport.  However, there should be some acknowledgment that the
"outsiders" might need a little wiggle room.  If the Kyokai were a
little more flexible in a consistent way would Asashoryu still have had
to retire?  Probably.  But his whole nervous breakdown thing would just
as likely not have happened.

	Now, with all that being said, it doesn't bother me that the Kyokai are
whacked.  If they weren't there'd be no fun.  Imagine if Ms. Uchidate
was all mild and boring.  How much enjoyment would we have missed in
ragging on her?  Takanopapa would have had a terrible time in Bench Sumo
this last Basho.

K-jo, citizen of the great united world of vim!

Joe "Kuramarujo" Klemmer
Sakura Ichimon

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