[sumo] [spoiler] A dark day for sumo

Brian Mullaney bpm at lintech.com
Fri Feb 5 14:24:58 EST 2010

Scott M. Kahn wrote:
> I bring up Takanohana solely because he is sumo royalty.  If one 
> applies the Asa-rules to Takanohana, there is no way Takanohana could 
> remain in the Kyokai.  His steroid abuse was cheating.  By doing so, 
> he lacked hinkaku.  As a result of his steroid abuse, he suffered 
> injuries.  These kept him from participating in jungyo, a sin that 
> cost Asa a two tournament suspension, Taka missed many more (I believe 
> his father was Kyokai manager of jungyos, so that
You have proof of steroids? Or do you just like to keep throwing that 
one out as if it makes all of Asashoryu's "incidents" ok?

Nice job on whitewashing  the event that led  to his suspension.  "The 
yokozuna had submitted a medical certificate listing injuries, including 
a fractured lower back and ligament and nerve damage in his left elbow" 
(http://search.japantimes.co.jp/cgi-bin/ss20070801a1.html) Then he ran 
off home... to play some soccer.

I must of missed all the examples of past yokozunas doing the same 
thing.. and not getting punished for it. Do you have any?


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