[sumo] [spoiler] A dark day for sumo

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Fri Feb 5 02:52:21 EST 2010

Scott, your obsession to pick on Takanohana for using steroids really is
fatiguing. Whether he took steroids or not simply is not relevant in this
case - and I'm also waiting avidly for your examples of Takanohana's
outrageous behavior.
Asashoryu was a brillant rikishi, he could be nice and charming - he
actually was the time I met him - but he also could do wrong and he did in
many occasions.

Sorry, but if I break someone's nose I'll get be fired from my job
immediately and won't have a chance to go voluntarily.

2010/2/5 Jezz <jejima at gmail.com>

> On 5 February 2010 14:29,  <jdouglas at nyc.rr.com> wrote:
> > It has always seemed to me that there is  a double standard regarding
> high ranking rikishi who are not foreign born.  I refused to believe that
> until Asashoryu came around there had never been brawls, drunken
> indiscretions, blatant rude and unacceptable behavior.  However, the Kyokai
> has always maintained a blind eye to their  "own".  Chyonifuji and
> Takanohana have had episodes of outrageous behavior which was overlooked and
> kept from the press;
> >
> Former (Japanese) Yokozuna Futahaguro in the 1980s was expelled from
> the sumo kyokai after hitting his oyakata's wife.
> <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Futahaguro>
> Also, if you read over at Sumo Forum, this is not the first time
> (allegedly) that Asashoryu has been in a similar situation in both
> Japan and Mongolia - and he has (apparently) paid off at least one
> person in the past.  *BUT* these events all took plave behind closed
> doors, and so could be kept under wraps.  The problem on this occasion
> was that it culminated with something that happened out in the public
> - and the police were involved on the scene.
> Jejima
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