[sumo] [spoiler] A dark day for sumo

Scott M. Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Fri Feb 5 01:34:35 EST 2010

If you reread my prior posts, I've answered your first question.

Now, to Takanohana, first, do you believe he took steroids?  Easy yes  
or no question.  To me, its an obvious yes.  And you?  Asa's been drug  
tested, and he still whipped the competition this past tournament.   
Must be the purists who came up with that one.

Next, we can discuss match fixing.

> Once more, I will pose the question, do you think that on *this*
> occasion Asa did anything that might be at least 'tutted' at?  Or do
> you think that he 'can do no wrong'?
> Whilst we are at it, what are Takanohana's many transgressions?  That
> you believe he took steroids?  No documented proof - and some people
> have also claimed that Asa has also taken steroids in the past.  What
> else do you have on him?
> Jejima
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