[sumo] OT- Pakistan Cricket betting scandal

Scott M. Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Tue Aug 31 16:33:02 EDT 2010

New York is very hot and humid these days, enough to confuse us all.

Thank you for your Tokyo wishes, Jude.  I am certain that the  
installation of closed circuit cameras last tournament were a test,  
solely in preparation for blocking my own visit to the Kokugikan this  
tournament.  I wonder if the digitally challenged will be stationed a  
block away, out of camera surveillance, with my picture in hand as a  
final favor to the Kyokai.  I will have to rely on Daughter of  
Sukubidubidu and Wife of Sukubidubidu to detract them with their  
cuteness and charm...  If I do manage to gain entry, please  
investigate if any rikishi from Takanohana beya just happens to fall  
and injure my knees...

I was thinking of bringing in a yobidashi uniform, sponsoring and  
marching a SML kensho banner around the dohyo at the beginning of  
Gaga's match.


Quoting jdouglas at nyc.rr.com:

> I guess the morbid, sad curiosity of how the rest of the sports   
> world is also going to hell in a hand basket would be of interest to  
>  some. (like Doreen, who even KNOWS what cricket is).  To me cricket  
>  is the most obscure sport on the face of the earth (next to Sumo   
> before I understood and learned to love it).
> I don't take enough advantage of the OT disclaimer on the subject   
> line.  Now there are so few posts that I feel compelled to read   
> everything.  I am also easily confused and need a reliable brain   
> stimulant.
> Enjoy your trip to Tokyo.  I hope there aren't posters of your face   
> up at the entrances of the Kokugikan as "Kyoki Enemy".  You should   
> be good if your head is unshaved, you aren't wearing a sleeveless   
> shirt and your tattoo sleeves showing with those two missing   
> fingers.  Walking in with a cute kid helps, too I bet.
> Jude
> ---- "Scott M. Kahn" <smk1 at columbia.edu> wrote:
>> I have to disagree with you, Jude.  Pakistan is a perennial
>> international leader in cricket, and this betting scandal has shaken
>> the sport.  From the report that I cited, the feeling of betrayal and
>> sadness among cricket fans seems to be similar to that felt by sumo
>> fans.  It will be interesting, at least to some of us, to follow how
>> those in charge of their respective sports address these problems and
>> win back fan support.
>> The heading was intentionally listed as off topic.  Some may find the
>> parallels interesting.  Others who are not interested in the subject
>> because they are tired of the scandals, are always free to hit the
>> delete button.
>> I agree with you that it would be nice to speculate on the upcoming
>> basho, for example as I had previously suggested on who may be the
>> next to defeat Hakuho (Tochinoshin would be my pick).
>> The Sukubidubidu family will be in Japan during the first week of the
>> upcoming basho.  If time permits, Daughter of Sukubidubidu may visit
>> the Kokugikan with the hopes of meeting her adopted rikishi, Gagamaru.
>>   That is, if the Kyokai allows her father to enter after being so
>> terribly critical of them...!
>> Sukubidubidu
>> Quoting jdouglas at nyc.rr.com:
>> > Is this the Pakistan Cricket list?  I have a hard enough time
>> > following the many changes in the sumo world.
>> > Please, no more speculation.  It isn't useful any more.  (Unless you
>> >  are wagering on all of this).
>> > Unless you have knowledge that there is cricket fixing amongst the
>> > Yakuza along with the rikishi ( and I can't image why)  lets leave
>> > this one alone please.
>> >
>> > Back to the upcoming Basho.
>> >
>> > Jude
>> >
>> >
>> > ---- "Scott M. Kahn" <smk1 at columbia.edu> wrote:
>> >> Sounds familiar...
>> >>
>> >> Sumo could have (or may have already, unbeknownst to outsiders) headed
>> >> there if certain rikishi racked up large enough debts to the Yakuza.
>> >>
>> >>   
>> http://www.guardian.co.uk/sport/2010/aug/29/pakistan-spot-betting-scandal-cricket
>> >>
>> >> Sukubidubidu
>> >>
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