[sumo] 7-7 Matches

Jeanne Hedge jhedge at rcn.com
Sun Nov 29 04:00:13 EST 2009

I was watching these, just to see how things went with rikishi who 
needed a win on day 15 to reach KK.

There were 5 matches in Juryo involving 6 rikishi with 7-7 or 
equivalent records.

Summary for Juryo - A 7-7 rikishi won in each of the 5 matches. Five 
of the six "eligible" rikishi gained KK.

Detail -
In the 4 matches involving only one 7-7 rikishi, that rikishi won in each case:

E-ms1 Sokokurai (5-1) vs W-J1 Kiyoseumi (7-7) <-- Kiyoseumi wins
E-J10 Kirinowaka (7-7) vs W-J7 Sakaizawa (6-8) <-- Kirinowaka wins
E-J11 Tosanoumi (9-5) vs W-J5 Okinoumi (7-7) <-- Okinoumi wins
E-J5 Kitataiki (10-4) vs E-J14 Gagamaru (7-7) <-- Gagamaru wins

The 5th match involved 2 rikishi with a 7-7 or equivalent record:

E-J9 Wakatenro (7-7) vs W-J2 Futeno (7-4-3) <-- Wakatenro wins

One point of interest - Kitataiki's loss to Gagamaru put him into a 
3-way playoff (with Tokusegawa and Koryu). Kitataiki won both matches 
to win the playoff.

There were 5 matches in Makuuchi involving 5 rikishi with 7-7 records.

Summary for Makuuchi - A 7-7 rikishi won in each of the 5 matches.

Detail -
In the 5 matches involving 7-7 rikishi, that rikishi won in each case:

W-M9 Yoshikaze (10-4) vs E-M13 Tosayutaka (7-7) <-- Tosayutaka wins
E-M7 Tamanoshima (4-10) vs W-M10 Kokkai (7-7) <-- Kokkai wins
W-M15 Shimotori (7-7) vs W-M5 Kakizoe (8-6) <-- Shimotori wins
E-M4 Hokutoriki (7-7) vs W-M8 Tochinoshin (12-2) <-- Hokutoriki wins
W-O Kaio (7-7) vs W-O Kotomitsuki (8-6) <-- Kaio wins

The 7-7 rikishi won in all 10 matches. There being only one match 
where 7-7 or equivalent rikishi faced each other, 10 of the 11 
"eligible" rikishi gained their KK.

I didn't watch the matches, but I'm reading that several of the above 
were *very* ugly.


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