[sumo] Pics Kyushu Basho

Rick Plinz richard.plinz at mac.com
Sat Nov 21 07:32:17 EST 2009

On Nov 21, 2009, at 1:21 AM, Scott M. Kahn wrote:

> Also, from the feed there sadly seems to be many unoccupied seats this tournament.  The audience for early Juryo seems strikingly sparse, and for Makunouchi less than usual.  Is the economy having such negative effects in Kyushu

I have been to the Kyushu basho the last three years (I arrived in Fukuoka yesterday evening).  I noted earlier in the week the light crowds, similar to last year when I was here.

So I was stunned today to see the "full house" (the "sold out" banner was used for the first time in years in Fukuoka, today).  Lots of young people, too.

Perhaps as a leading economic indicator, this is a positive?


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