[sumo] Pics Kyushu Basho

Scott M. Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Fri Nov 20 11:21:36 EST 2009

Wonderful pictures, Martina, the expressions you captured are marvelous.

While watching the grainy NSK feed, I noticed a row of kimono-clad  
Geisha ladies shuffle into their seats, and one of your pictures  
includes them.  Would you or anyone be aware of who they are, and how  
they happened to attend as a group?

Also, from the feed there sadly seems to be many unoccupied seats this  
tournament.  The audience for early Juryo seems strikingly sparse, and  
for Makunouchi less than usual.  Is the economy having such negative  
effects in Kyushu?

Thank you!


Quoting Martina Lunau <martina.lunau at googlemail.com>:

> Here are the first pics from Kyushu basho 09.
> Lower divisions:
> http://www.sumo-webpaper.de/images/Kyushu09/day06/kyushu09_Day06.htm
> Juryo and Makuuchi:
> http://www.sumo-webpaper.com/images/Kyushu09/KyushuDay09_06high/
> Stay patient, they might load a bit slow.
> Best wishes
> Martina
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