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Sat Jan 31 22:01:40 EST 2009

""the issue is that the Kyokai has selectively coveredup crimes of its 
Japanese rikishi and oyakata.""

A crime is something decided by a court following an investigation. It isn't 
something decided on a public forum based on events few/none of us are linked 

I used morphine in my mid-20s. This is an illegal action and thus I committed 
a crime - IF - you don't know the full story that a doc administered the 

""Furthermore, I believe Asashoryu's "bad manners" are, for the mostpart, 
subjective. The Kyokai and press has used this issue todeflect attention from 
more substantive issues that need properattention"" 

Again subjective as these are your personal opinions on what needs repairing. 
Most I have read on SML but almost all are based on western principles, 
western ideals and, I suspect, a lack of time spent living in and amongst the 
Japanese ways and amongst friends and colleagues whose collective mentality is 
shaped by a society oftentimes so different from our own. Frequenting of a local 
sushi joint in NY doesn't count.

""Regarding the YDC's attitude towards Asashoryu after he competedafter 
missing all or part of three bashos, while still sufferingfrom an injured elbow to 
when Takanohana returned after missingseven consecutive tournaments-"Tsuneo 
Watanabe, the chairman of the Yokozuna Deliberation Council,had praise for 
Takanohana: "Takanohana is an important yokozuna whowill long be remembered in the 
annals of sumo. He isindispensable.""

Did Takanohana enter his absence with anything like the record of Asashoryu 
in terms of etiquette issues (hair pulling/extra shoves post bout / car 
alterations / ignoring his duties / kneeing a man already down and finished on the 
dohyo / disrespecting jungyo fans / sudden mental depression addressed only by 
mud baths and, as I think Moti once called him - a foreskin doctor?) 

Perhaps his (Takanohana's) record until that point spoke for something?

""Granted, some of Asashoryu's roundhouse misses during matches wereout of 
line, although from my viewpoint, those attaining Yokozunaare entitled to show 
one form of intimidation or another (Hakuho'sis in his contemptuous 

Again your viewpoint - how do you judge Hakuho's staredowns to be 
contemptuous? Asa is more than capable of staring down and keep staring as he is turning 
back to his corner. On the practice dohyo he can be a bully - plain and 
simple. I have never seen or heard of Hak going after someone for 'revenge' but we 
often hear of a similar form of 'training' dished out by Asa following defeat 
on the dohyo in a honbasho.

""The Auschwitz analogy?  A bit much...""

In terms of figures and the awful actions of men on men I agree 110% - but 
when read in terms of the odd comparisons being presented (often by yourself) in 
forever making out the NSK to be rotten to the core and needing to change 
Japanese society all by their lonesomes - and Asa to always be the innocent 
victim - with evils that affect all of Japanese society that can only truly be 
addressed by the elected government I don't think so.

With the position of the NSK in Japanese society (one agency with no law 
making abilities beyond their own sphere of operations) as regards Japan's rules 
on drugs, alleged crime reporting etc you far too often demand of a relativley 
weak agency, a change in mentality that would first need addressing at a 
nationwide level.

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