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On Sat, Jan 31, 2009 at 10:14 AM, Scott M. Kahn <smk1 at columbia.edu> wrote:
> Perhaps someone can translate this article which seems to hint at a
> prior borderline test result at the same time the Russian brothers
> were expelled-
> http://www.sanspo.com/sports/news/090130/spf0901301753006-n1.htm

I'll do my best.  My Japanese isn't that good, so take the following with
a grain of salt.  This is the first newspaper article I've tried to translate.
So please be kind to me :-) (hope I don't make any horrible mistakes...)
I have probably got the reading of the names wrong :-(...

On the 30th, Kanagawa police caught Oguruma beya's  Juuryou rikishi
Wakakirin (real name Suzukawa Shinichi), 25, from Tokyo's Koutoku Kiyosumi
and his musician friend, Hirano Tsutomu (30) from Tokyo's Shibuyaku
Motoyoyogichou,  red handed in a violation of the Cannabis control law

According to investigating authorities, the suspect Wakakirin underwent
a surprise drug test by the Sumo Kyoukai in September last year.
After an inconclusive result, the Kyoukai gave a more precise test.
The Kyoukai reported to the police that the test "was clean in the end".

With respect to the problem of marijauna circulating amongst rikishi,
he is the first Japanese to have been arrested.  It brings up the question
of whether cannabis use is spreading to the Japanese rikishi, something
that strictly questions the sumo world's struggle for revival.

According to police, the suspect Wakakirin, when questioned said "I had
it for my own use.  I rolled it in a cigar and smoked it," and admitted
to the charge.  The suspect Hirano is denying the charges.

The police are now inquiring about the circumstances of how the two
obtained the drug and their detailed motives.

The policed raided a CD store in Tokyo's Minataku 6 motoki (Mike: probably
the block in the area -- I suck at maps) regarding a separate drug case
on the 30th at about 1 PM.  They suspect that they had 16 grams of
dried marijauna.

According to police, the suspect Wakakirin was sitting on a sofa in the
lobby of the office.  The marijauna was sitting on a table wrapped in tissue.
Police said he tried to hide it under the table.  The suspect Hirano was in a
different room.

The suspect Wakakirin comes from Hyogo prefecture.  His first tournament
was in March 1999 in the Haru Basho.  He was promoted to Juuryou in
September 2004 for the Aki Basho.

Hope that helps! Again, please forgive the errors (translating newspapers
is hard :-) )


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