[sumo] Another one - this time Japanese

Scott M. Kahn smk1 at columbia.edu
Fri Jan 30 20:14:38 EST 2009

See below- could there have been double testing standards from
within the Kyokai?  Tell me it ain't so...

Too bad Musashigawa has more important tidbits on his table such as
Asashoryu's waving to his fans, infinitely more devastating to the
honor of sumo than a simple pot bust.  I anticipate that because of
Wakakirin's drug arrest, Musashigawa will come down hard on
Asashoryu.  Those Kyokai-sponsored drug education classes for
rikishi have done wonders.  Could Wakakirin have been a bigger fool
for his repeat performance?

Good thing Musashigawa wants only gaijin rikishi to undergo a period
of learning how to uphold the honor of sumo.

And, how about those strict tachi-ai rules?!


>From the Japan Times-

"Investigative authorities Friday said Wakakirin's urine sample
initially seemed suspicious, but the sport's governing body cleared

According to someone calling themselves, "Yuminator", "I found
articles that one Japanese wrestler, though he passed the drug
test,  had to retake the test twice to test negative.  Until last
night, Sumo Association didn’t reveal the mystery wrestler but it
was him, Wakakirin."


Perhaps someone can translate this article which seems to hint at a
prior borderline test result at the same time the Russian brothers
were expelled-


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