[sumo] Newly translated articles from Le Monde du Sumo

Manekineko Hikari manekineko at mailshack.com
Mon Jan 26 03:20:57 EST 2009

Greetings, all!

The time has come, and the final set of translated articles from the 
latest issues of Le Monde du Sumo and Le Petit Banzuke Illustre have 
been published. Among them you will find:

- Final Editorial from the final issue, an emotional good-bye from 
MDS/PBI editor-in-chief

- No more Ama, article about Harumafuji's ozeki promotion

- Mongolian basho 2008, report from someone who was there

- Ossetian sekitori, look back on marijuana affair

- New rikishi on the banzuke

and an archive piece:
- Aki jungyo 2007, interesting way to look back on state of sumo a year 
and a half ago.

You can find them, and many others, at the familiar address: 
http://www.lemondedusumo.com (click "English" link at the top).
Of course, all this would not be possible without continuing effort of 
our translators and proofreaders. Now we will all get some rest, but 
hopefully not for too long.

Thank you for your attention during the years!

	Jelena "Manekineko" Macan

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