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Right! He came in a year ahead of Tochinoshin, and encouraged and 
helped him a lot in his early days (when on my way home from work and 
maybe music rehearsal or session I used to see the two youngsters 
sitting on the fence of a tiny triangular park in Ryogoku and often 
stopped to chat with them). Unfortunately injury held him back while 
Tochinoshin surged forward. I really hope he is now back on the 
sekitori track.

Doreen the auntie of the byways

On 2009/01/25, at 9:15, Scott M. Kahn wrote:

> Daughter of Sukubidubidu is overjoyed to report that her adopted
> rikishi, Gagamaru, ranked Makushita 13e, had an outstanding January
> 2009 tournament.  Gaga went 6-1, losing only to eventual Makushita
> champion, Ms1e Fukuoka.
> Gaga will once again enjoy his highest ranking ever for the March,
> 2009 tournament, near the top of Makushita.  Daughter of
> Sukubidubidu extends to Gagamaru her heartiest congratulations, and
> wishes him well as he prepares to challenge for sekitori status!

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